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Brandon University Press Release

This wiki is the home site for the Knowledge Mobilization group for the Vital Outcome Indicators for Community Engagement for Children and Youth.
This project is a participatory research project sponsored by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council- Community University Research Alliance.

Wikis and other social media applications are specifically constructed to promote and support collaborative work and are ideally suited to the task of co-creation of knowledge that is at the heart of this project.

  • Wikis and other social media applications are gaining acceptance in academic and lay communities as legitimate and powerful means of collaborating and communicating. This wiki is being used by the Knowledge mobilization group to organize group activities and to model the effective use of innovation and creativity with social media for the purpose of communicating project news, notification of activities, sharing accomplishments and more.

  • Strength-based approach Youth are keen to use technology and online social media. We will provide a space for them to contribute using channels they embrace.

  • OCAP compliance - While a wiki is initiated by one party, all parties have ownership and control with all contributors having the ability to edit and customize content. At anytime, anyone can archive a copy of the entire wiki on another server using very simple utilities.

  • While not all youth (or educators) will be familiar with all features of wikis or other social media applications, these tools and practices are intrinsically engaging. Digital literacy skills acquire in the course of participating in this project will be easily transferable to other personal or employment related activities.Moreover, students and educators maybe on more of an equal footing with respect to their knowledge of social media, fostering an atmosphere of co-creation and collaborative learning that will transfer to other tasks.

  • Use of the various online social media applications for this project will strengthen and heighten the sensitivity, scope and reliability of the tools.

  • A wiki is an ideal tool for aggregating content of all sorts, including multimedia and other non-text means of representing knowledge and learning.
  • SSHRC encourages the use of new media information and communications technologies as part of a knowledge mobilization strategy and many Canadian Federal Government departments use a variety of wikis.

See this link for the complete proposal document.